Cedar/Jones Early Childhood Iowa

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Preschool Support
The Cedar/Jones Early Childhood Iowa Board utilizes State Preschool Support funding to support to assist low-income parents with tuition for preschool and other supportive services for children ages three, four, and five who are not attending kindergarten.  Funds support children and their families whose income is 200% or below that of the Federal Poverty Level.  If funding is available after addressing the needs of those who meet the basic income eligibility requirements, funds can be utilized for those children and their families who exceed guidelines.

Preschool Support funds support Preschool Scholarships in both Cedar and Jones counties.  Families and their children should contact preschools in Cedar and Jones counties for availability.  Applications can be either be obtained from the participating preschools or from the links below.  Listed below is also information regarding the preschools in Cedar and Jones counties.  It is however, recommended, that individuals contact their preschool of choice for the most up to date information and availability.

Preschool Scholarship Program Application FY18

Preschool Scholarship Program Policies

Quality Standards Requirements for Programs

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